Ko Chef's Sweet Friends Magic Cotton Candy


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  • Q. 1. How much does it cost to start a business?

    Ko Chef Sweet Friends Magic Cotton Candy
    Machine cost (KRW 2.3 million for table style, KRW 2.8 million for carriage style) and KRW 3 million for startup cost.
    (Applies from July 1, 2018)

    > Learn more about startup costs

    The startup cost includes the character cotton candy production technology training for the start of character cotton candy,
    the marketing training for stable sales activities, and the support for the production of various promotional materials that can be used early in the business.

    If you wish to start a business after careful consideration,
    fill out the order form and training application form for the machine order, and prepaid KRW 3.7 million in advance.

    If you wish to give up due to giving up in the middle,
    you cannot refund the amount.
  • Q. 2. How long is the training period?

    Sweet Friends Magic Cotton Candy operates a differentiated educational system that combines years of experience and know-how.
    After 3 days of training, you can make a cotton candy that can be sold.

    You can learn the basic know-how of making cotton candy with 3 days of training, and the quality of character cotton candy can vary depending on your personal practice.

    However, lack of dexterity or older people may be a little longer.

    In addition to character cotton candy technology training,
    we also run marketing training programs for stable sales activities for prospective founders.

    In addition to the cotton candy technology training, we also support the startups through stable programs for blogs,
    Instagram and video channels for online event.
  • Q. 3. Can the machine be transported by vehicle?

    The size of the machine is table style (80cm*40cm*20cm) carriage style (80cm*40cm*80cm).

    Both table and carriage style can be transported by most passenger cars.

    * In the case of carriage style, it is possible to carry by light vehicle.
  • Q. 4. How is the business proceeded?

    Business types are divided into stalls, shops, and events.

    In the case of street vendors, sales are carried out in parks, streets, tourist attractions, schools, etc.,
    where there are many floating populations.

    In the case of in-store sales,
    it is in the form of operating in stores such as large marts, stores, and shops in tourist spots.

    This is also important because it is important to keep a close eye on the influential population.

    In the case of event sales, when the inquiries of the individual and the headquarters are received,
    the founding managers in the neighboring area will support the event.
  • Q. 5. Is there support from the head office during the sales pr…

    If you are a company that has excellent cotton candy manufacturing capabilities,
    you can work with a retail store operated by us.

    In Busan, two people are needed for weekends.

    If you are good at making cotton candy,
    we have established a sales system that can generate 2 to 3 times more profits than regular sales workers.

    In addition, we will endeavor to create high profits for our representatives
    by proposing continuous entry into amusement parks and major tourist attractions with a large population.
  • Q. 6. What is your average sales?

    If you are a park stall during the spring season,
    there are some people who make KRW 500,000~800,000 per day,

    and depending on the floating population,
    sales may be less than KRW 50,000.

    Raw material costs to be considered in operating profit calculation are about 10% of sales.
  • Q. 7. How can I supply raw cotton candy?

    In the case of cotton candy raw materials, we carry out our own production sales.

    If you are a brand starter of Sweet Friends Magic Cotton Candy,
    you can purchase high quality raw materials at the lowest price in Korea.

    More sales channels will be announced later.
  • Q. 8. What is the sales price of Magic Cotton Candy?

    Magic Cotton Candy (character cotton candy) is priced at KRW 5,000 and regular cotton candy at KRW4,000/3,000.

    For tourist destinations with a large floating population,
    consider the costs incurred during entry. It sells for KRW 6,000 to 7,000 and may generate additional revenue.

    Depending on the location and completeness of the character cotton candy,
    the selling price can be set freely by the seller.